Global expansion

NABEL aspires to be global.

It was in 1992 when NABEL first shipped its egg packing system outside Japan, to Malaysia.
In 2003, NABEL Asia was subsequently established in Malaysia for more active overseas business centering on Asia.
In 2014, NABEL Shanghai was established in China, where 40% of the world's eggs are produced.
We will expand globally from now on.

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NABEL products at work = 76 countries & areas
*As of May 29/2023
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Mongolia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan
Central and South America
Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, El Salvador
North America
USA, Canada, Mexico
Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Hungray, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Malta, Croatia, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Finland
Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti
Middle East
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Jordan, Bahrain
Sudan, South Africa, Swaziland, Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia