Corporate philosophy


NABEL aims to become a company which the employees feel confident and proud of.
NABEL aims to become a company dedicated to make contributions to our customers by offering excellent products.


Those who pursue their ideals often encounter challenges of life.
However, their characters would deepen if they brace up.
Let us not forget our vision and try the best.


To strive as the engineer for the world's egg industry.
To make use of knowledge, inventions and intellectual properties available in the world for the benefit of the egg industry.


We listen to customer's opinion and concern to create products which please customers with our own unique technology.


Every one of us has a given potential. Life is about fulfilling the potential. We spend most of our time at work. NABEL shall foster a corporate culture in which the employees feel confident and proud of the company. NABEL shall consider itself as a global company only when it establishes its excellent corporate culture instead of merely pursuing scale expansion.