Manual Packer
New table-type grader with our original technology; grading eggs by magnetism.
NWG1000 is an egg grader which sorts out eggs by their weight. Eggs are transferred from the conveyor rollers to carriers via transfer receivers. The magnet inside the carrier gets attracted to the other fixed magnet mounted on the grader frame. The carrier conveys the egg and when the weight of the egg exceeds the magnetic attraction, the carrier get inclined to release the egg on table. As the eggs are released in order of their weight, the heavier egg is released at a earlier point.



Simple design

  • Compact and space-saving
    Compact table structure requires a little working space.
  • Adjustable weight range
    Operators can adjust the weight range of graded eggs by changing position of dividers. It is suitable for packing of differently sized eggs.
  • Driven by a single motor
    Plug into a home socket and turn on the switch. Maintenance is easy as the single motor drives the system.
  • Grading hatching eggs
    NWG1000 sufficiently works as a grader for hatching eggs because it give little damage to eggs.
  • All stainless
    As the whole system is made of stainless steel, it keeps rust preventative, allowing a high level of hygiene.

What is the original technology Magnetic Balance?

Egg weights are graded by magnetism.
1 : Each carrier is kept horizontal while in attraction with the fixed magnet.
2 : The fixed magnets are set obliquely; the more distant from the carrier, the weaker the magnetic attraction.
3 : Eggs roll onto the table as the carriers inclined, according to their weight.

NAC1000 Accumulator (optional)* direct connection from the egg collection conveyor

Automatically carries and grades eggs.

NTQ100 Manual egg feede (optional)* feeding from trays

Sucks up eggs and transfers onto the conveyor.


Code NWG1000
Capacity(Max.) 10,000 eggs/hour
Power capacity 1-phase 100V-240V 40w
Grading range 30-100g
Grading method Magnetic Balance
Weight 200kg approx.
Measurements 3015(W)×1000(H)×1200(D)mm


※Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.