Egg Packing Machine
Technological evolution changes the environment
This is the top-of-the-line model that can produce large-lot of packed eggs. Highly reliable design that incorporates the trusted technologies of the auto packer, can significantly reduce the manpower required for the labor-intensive packing process.



High-speed, egg friendly packing

It has a powerful processing capacity of packing up to 36,000 eggs per hour. The suction cups gently suck each egg and softly transfer it onto packages. This realizes efficient production and quality improvement.

Special design for a single product

The production of a single product means that different products are not mixed on the packing lane. It does not only make production more efficient, but also reduce the burden of packing operations and quality inspections.

Full automation of packing lanes

The SMART Cube series work well together for further automation of packing or palletizing boxes by robots. As an option Cube Link allows overall management of products on packing lanes, which leads to improve efficiency.
Layout Example
This layout is an example.


Code ROVO3600
Capacity(Max.) 36,000 eggs/hour
Supplied packs Plastic 10P, 6P*4P, 8P, 12P are optional
Paper 10P*Paper pack denester is an option
Size regulations Eggs: over 46g
Package: for eggs over 52g
Power capacity(Max.) 3-phase 200V 40.0A
1-phase 100V 30.0A
Air consumption 50L/min.(ANR)
Working environment Ambient temperature 0-40°C
Ambient humidity 20-90%*no condensation is allowed
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.