【New release】Case Palletizer : SMART Cube PL


Case Palletizer : SMART Cube PL / New release

For product line automation

NABEL Case Palletizer "SMART Cube PL (Palletizer)" is newly released as the second part of the SMART Cube series. It automates the task of loading the carton box or the plastic container on the pallet using an articulated robot.

Available for various boxes, various ways of stacking

Carton boxes or containers of various sizes can be loaded on the pallet automatically, realizing various loading methods.

Easy head exchange with one touch

The replacement of the head part can be easily detached with a single touch. It is available for major carton box or container used in the egg industry.

What is SMART Cube series

The SMART Cube series is a product group of Nabel that makes the product line "smart".
What is "smart"

  • Functions and operations are refined
  • It is efficient and flexible product making
  • It realizes space saving


Outer size W 2460×H 2550×D 2460 [mm]
Capacity(at the maximum) 43,200egg/hour 360 container/hour(When 12pcs. of 10-pack is packed in 1 case)
Appliable container Carton box, Container
Appliable pallet 1100mm×1100mm×150mm

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