New Year CEO Message


Happy New Year.

In 2020 we were at the mercy of Covid-19. This brought drastic changes we have never experienced such as the movement restrictions etc., after the state of emergency was declared.

By implementing telework and staggered commuting our working style also had some changes.

There were also considerable changes in the way we live our lives. Didn't we have less opportunities to go out and more opportunities to use the internet to communicate with others?

I think it's time for the egg industry to embrace change.

NABEL is willing to provide new products and services IT and AI related.

Under the slogan "IT innovation for egg industry" we will keep proposing solutions to support and improve our customers egg business.

NABEL will continue to play as the engineering department of the egg industry in 2021.

1st January 2021

CEO  Kunihiko Nambu