Tray Auto Washer

Peripheral Devices
Automatic water feeding, washing and spin-drying by simple operation
Traditionally, operator has needed constant care and attention to the tray washer. Just set the trays, and you can leave the rest to the machine with NABEL tray washer TAW500. You can make efficient use of time with TAW510.



Set the trays and press the button. Leave the rest to the machine.

  • Set the trays
    Set the trays You can set max 500pcs of trays.
  • Automatic washing and rinsing
    Just press the button, then starts washing and rinsing automatically. You have nothing to do till it is finished.
  • Spin-Drying
    Making trays cleaner by centrifugal dehydration with high speed rotation.
Flexible setting by dirty level
You can set the time of washing, spinning and amount of water supply freely depends on dirt level.
Quiet and grateful washing
Operated by one motor. Simple design makes it quiet washer.

Confident cleansing with efficient water usage


Code TAW510
Capacity 500pcs
Power capacity 3φ200V 11.4A
Available tray(Max.) 297×297mm
Water consumption 100L/cycle
Process time 30mins~
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.