Tape Sealer

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The new tape sealer (TES427) is developed with the concept of "improving convenience". It is the successor of tape sealer (TES415) that NABEL has been producing and selling since 2010. Easy to use design has improved the tape feeding mechanism, feeding method, and pack supply, improving workability related to tape replacement and adjustment, and sealing performance for packs of various sizes.


Installation of the tape holder at the top of the device has made adjustment and replacement easy.
Spare tape is installed right next to the tape holder, making the replacement of the tape easy and smooth.
Drum feeding method enables stable tape feeding without a reel. To refill the tape, simply place it on the tape holder from the spare tape holder.
Assist side belt changes according to the size of the packs to seal them uniformly.
A lamp notifies when the remaining tape is low. This shortens the downtime of the packing line and increases the efficiency.
The length and speed of the conveyor is same as the old model. Old one can be easily replaced with the new model.
Layout Example
This layout is an example.


Code TES427
Capacity(Max.) 40,000 eggs/hour
Power capacity 1-phase 100V 8A
Conveyor speed 21m/min
Available packs 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 10pcs, 12pcs plastic packs
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.